Rabu, 27 April 2011

Artis Seksi Solo

Get this a Artis Seksi Solo  of your toenail clippings can tell what your lung cancer risk from exposure to cigarettes, even if you're not a smoker! This is the result of testing toenail clippings of 210 men diagnosed with lung cancer, plus 630 men used as disease free controls. The toenail clippings used for this research were donated by medical professionals taking part in the study. Why use toenails, of all things?The researchers were trying to find a way to measure exposure to secondhand smoke. They tried measuring nicotine levels in hair, but when researchers discovered toenail clippings from study participants they thought they may be useful. Since hair and toenails form from the same type of tissue, it might be possible to analyze them for nicotine. Toenails represent your nicotine exposure of the last year, and have the advantage of not needing any special storage arrangements. Toenails grow fastest in young people and men, and for us all during the summer months.

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